What’s the difference between a Timberland and a Jordan?

The two footwear brands are the same but they are only sold on the internet.

They are also two of the few brands that you can actually buy in stores.

This is because Timberland sells shoes that were made in the UK and sold in the US.

The company does have two European stores and has stores in Spain and Italy, but these are owned by different companies.

If you look on the site, you will find two options for buying Timberland shoes.

If the model is grey or black, you can pick one of the grey or blue versions, but you cannot buy either black or grey.

You can, however, buy a grey and white version for £10.

You are also able to pick a model that is black, white, or a combination of both.

You have the choice of a Timberline sole and an A-line sole.

You will also need a white shoe, white sock, or white sock combination, or you can choose a combination for £20.

The Timberline shoes are a bit cheaper, at £90 for a grey sole or £110 for a black or white sole.

If your budget is a bit more moderate, you may want to consider the A-Line sole.

There are three different sizes, with a 4, 5, or 6 foot size.

If it is a bigger shoe, it will need to be cut up to fit in the shoe, and it will take longer to make the shoe.

You also need to select the type of heel you want.

There is no way to specify how much you will pay for your shoes.

Timberland has also released a new pair of shoes, the Timberland Timberline, and a new model, the A. This will be the same size as the Timberline models.

They will be available from the end of the month.

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