Which shoe to buy?

The shoe depot was built in the 1940s and was a popular shoe store for the area.

The store is now in a state of disrepair and needs extensive renovation to be restored to its former glory.

The shoe warehouse also needs to be renovated.

The Shoe Warehouse, which is in the downtown area of Pittsburgh, PA, is pictured in this March 18, 2017, file photo.

The new shoe warehouse is scheduled to open next week, but will need to be remodeled and rebranded, the store owner said in a statement.

“The shoe depot has become a symbol of the Pittsburgh region and Pittsburgh’s historic industrial heritage, and I want to honor that heritage with this landmark in our city,” said Michael Hickey, president of the Northside Shopping Center, which owns the site.

Hickey said the shoe depot will become a shopping and dining destination with a more traditional and family oriented atmosphere.

He hopes to open the shoe warehouse in time for Spring Break next summer.

The Northside shopping center has leased the space for a year and a half to the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to a statement from the city.

The NFL franchise also has a temporary facility on the site, but the team is planning to move its headquarters to the new site next season.