How to avoid getting injured when running, playing sports

When I was a kid, I used to run around the house barefoot and in sneakers.

Now, I wear a running shoe, I do cross-training.

My mom would take me to the gym and I would get sore in my knees, ankles and feet.

I’m lucky that my mom is such a physical person.

When I have a little bit of a sore foot or ankle, she’d get me some crutches, she would get me a cast on.

She would get a bandage on and give me a walk.

It wasn’t a physical thing, but I just needed that type of support.

It’s a tough thing to deal with, especially when you’re running around the streets.

When people have to deal in a city, they’re a little more aware of the physicality of the city.

I think it helps that people are more aware and aware of their surroundings.

It helps that you’re walking around the city, you’re not walking in the street.

People are also more aware that you can get injured.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s more common in the states because the more we run the more the injuries occur, but it’s a pretty common thing.

We all have to be a little mindful when we’re out there.