When a man wearing high-end shoes goes to jail, a golden goose shoe is his only chance

Golden goose shoes are the quintessential Indian shoe.

If you’ve never seen them before, you can probably think of them as a combination of a sportswear pair and a dress shoes.

They are so iconic, you might even find them on a fashion label’s website.

But the golden goose has never quite found its way into mainstream fashion, at least in the West.

It’s still a fashion accessory, with a variety of options and a lot of appeal.

For the past few years, the Golden Goose shoe has been a favorite of the men in India, and the men who wear them are the most popular in the country.

The golden goose is an iconic shoe that has been worn by both men and women for centuries.

A golden goose was created in India in 1892, when a group of traders and merchants from the north of India, including a couple of famous Indians, bought the shoes from the French manufacturer Dainty.

Dainty’s founder, the Marquis de L’Etrange, had been inspired by the Indian women’s shoe industry, which was booming.

His shoes were made of leather and felt, and they had an interesting design: The heel was a rounded point and the toe was a wedge shaped to fit the foot.

This created a great balance between a low heel and a high heel.

In order to compete in the market, the Dainties went on a shoe-making spree.

Their biggest export was to France, where they produced the very first golden goose boots.

However, their golden goose footwear was a hit in India as well.

As well as being a shoe for the upper-class, it also had a popular appeal among the lower classes, especially women.

At one time, the golden shoe was a luxury item for the wealthy and powerful, with the famous golden bird logo printed on the front and the word ‘Golden’ on the heel.

The golden shoe became an accessory for both the upper and lower classes.

Even today, the word Golden has become synonymous with the Indian shoe industry.

While the golden bird was not used by Dainys in India until 1920, in India it’s a symbol of the rich and powerful.

There were two kinds of golden birds in India: the royal and the ordinary.

An ordinary golden bird would have the letter ‘A’ printed on it.

Then there would be a golden feather attached to it, which is the symbol of nobility.

And in the upper class, there would also be a royal bird.

Today, the Indian market is dominated by the royal golden bird.

The golden bird is a symbol for wealth and power in India.

Everywhere, there are golden shoes.

The word ‘golden’ is also a common one in Indian slang.

India’s golden goose-makers are known for their style, with some of them also being famous in other parts of the world, such as China and Japan.

According to the National Institute of Tourism and Culture, the total number of golden goose manufacturers in India stands at nearly 200.