White Nike Shoes, Mens Shoes Sale, Kobe Bryant’s Kobe Biyant Shoes Sale Deal on sale in the coming weeks

A week ago, we shared news that Nike was selling off some of its luxury goods, including Kobe Bryant shoes, for $8,500 a pair.

Today, that deal is still up on the site.

(Forbes’ exclusive story on the sale was published at 11:20 a.m.

PT today.)

The Nike deal is notable for its price tag.

It’s a $12,000 deal that goes on sale Wednesday, November 29.

As the story noted, this is a “high-end” sale, and Nike said it’s “working closely” with the retailer to sell the sneakers at a better price.

If you’re looking to get a pair of Kobe Bryant sneakers for less than $20, you can get them on the online Nike Store right now.

The Nike Kobe Bryant Sneakers deal is available to Nike’s usual customers on its site.

You can also see if you can score the shoes by checking out the list of Nike+ partners for this deal.

For those who want to pick up the pair of Nike Kobe Bys, you’re also able to order them directly from Nike.

Nike+ is a service that lets customers track and track their Nike+ purchases.

Nike’s relationship with Nike+ was first reported by Business Insider.

We’ll have a closer look at the Nike Kobe Lakers shoes deal in the next few weeks.