Nike running shoes to be recalled due to ‘suspected’ contamination

LONDON (AP) Nike is recalling about 20,000 running shoes for possible contamination linked to the shoe encore product, its global chief executive said Tuesday.

The shoes were sold to retailers in India and China and could be recalled for up to four months.

The company said it was aware of two deaths related to the product.

It said the company was taking steps to address the issue and had identified a “minimal risk.”

The shoes, made in China, are made from an outer material and are used to enhance the performance of footwear.

The shoes are made with a polyester/wool blend, and the manufacturing process involves a solvent that can contaminate shoes with micro-organisms.

The shoe encores are sold as a separate product in India, which has seen a rise in sales of the products.

India has more than 80 million shoes sold, with the most popular brand, Asics, in the top 10 of the top-selling brands in the country.

Nike says it has begun testing the shoes and will begin replacing the shoes if they are found to contain micro-organism.

It’s not clear how long the recall would last.

The shoe encoring product, which is made by adidas Originals, was developed in China but is marketed to the global market through other channels.