What’s next for Under Armour?

The US footwear giant has announced that it will no longer make Under Armour shoes.

The company’s founder, Marc Newson, was in the news last year for his controversial remarks that “women have a brain, men have a vagina” after a US presidential election in which he said the vote could change women’s roles in society.

In a statement, Under Armour said that it “took the necessary steps to ensure the company does not perpetuate the harmful and offensive stereotypes that are common in our industry”.

The company also said it would be taking the “necessary actions to remove our products from stores”.

The move comes after Newson’s remarks in November last year prompted a backlash, with some consumers calling for the brand to be shut down.

Under Armour’s founder Marc Newssons latest comments are so offensive, and have been the catalyst for the company’s move, the company said in a statement.

Under the leadership of Marc Newmans most important and influential mentor, Steve Ballmer, the world’s largest retailer has become the most influential consumer brand in the world.

Now the company has chosen to end its partnership with Marc Newolson, who is known for his hateful and racist remarks.

The shoe company has already made a statement to employees that said it will stop making Under Armour footwear after the election.

Newson has said he is no longer running the company.

In recent weeks, the shoe giant has made headlines by cancelling events and cancelling the release of new shoes.

But that was before Newson made a series of inflammatory comments about female athletes. 

On Thursday, a source told CNN the company is not going to be making any Under Armour products for its employees. 

The announcement comes after a number of companies have been forced to withdraw products from sale in the US.

Last month, Nike pulled the brand from shelves in several US states after Trump criticised the US president for his comments about the election and his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate change accord. 

Meanwhile, Adidas announced it would stop selling its football shoes. 

Nike had been the biggest retailer to pull products from the US, selling out of the products in a matter of hours. 

In the UK, Adidas has also pulled its products from sales after the company was hit with a legal complaint from the Scottish government, which claimed the company “continues to peddle products of a discriminatory nature to some members of the public”.

Adidas, which makes the football shoes, was among the brands to pull its products last month. 

Last month, Under Armor announced it was pulling its products, including Under Armour men’s and women’s shoes, from sale. 

“We are sorry to inform you that Under Armour has withdrawn its Under Armour Men’s and Women’s footwear,” the company wrote on Facebook.

“This is a voluntary action and we do not believe the company will have any impact on the market for these products.” 

Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court ruled that the US constitution does not protect the right to make jokes about sexual assault.