When I see a black man running, I want to run

I want the shoes, the shoes I want. 

I want the black man.

But if I can’t see a man in a running shoe, I will not want to live in this world.

I want to watch black men running.

I want them to get me down.

I know I cannot do it alone, but I am a black woman, so I have to do it. 

But I have always felt a part of the problem.

I was taught from an early age to be self-conscious about my race and my identity. 

There is something about black women that always makes me want to hide and not be seen. 

For many, I am seen in a way I am not.

I am constantly reminded that I am an outsider and my race is a problem. 

And when I wear a white shoe, it makes me feel like I am in a ghetto, and I cannot see black men, and I am ashamed to be black.

I feel that I have a duty to tell people about my story.

But it is not a problem that I can solve by myself.

I am working with black men and women to change that, but at this point, the only way is by others. 

You can see a full gallery of the shoes here . 

The video of the run can be found here