How to shop for shoe coupons in the U.S.

The holidays are upon us, and so are some new shoes to buy this holiday season.

Here are a few of the best shoe deals to keep an eye out for this holiday period.

Read more: More from Fox Sports:Basketball-specific coupons:Shoes are often an attractive alternative to shoes from retailers like Walmart, Target, and TJMaxx.

However, these coupons can be pricey, and there’s often no way to get the full retail price for these items.

There are some notable exceptions to this rule, however, including the Walmart Xtra coupon which is worth $60 off all shoes and apparel.

That deal can be used on shoes from Walgreens, Target and TJ Maxx.

The Xtra deal will also save you a small amount for a pair of jeans.

The coupon is available for a limited time only and expires on Dec. 14, 2017.

Read the full Walmart XTra coupon here:Shoe Carnival coupons:If you want to save some cash this holiday, consider going with the shoe carnival coupon from Walgreen.

This coupon offers a $50 discount on shoes at all retailers.

This can be a good way to save on a pair or a pair and a half of shoes.

There’s also a $30 discount on select Nike shoes, plus a $15 coupon for shoes from Nike.

The full Walmart coupon can be found here:Walmart Xtra coupons:This coupon is a great deal on shoes and sneakers from Walmart, and can be applied to shoes at select retailers.

You’ll get a discount of $20 on select shoes and $30 on Nike shoes.

The Walmart coupon can also be applied at the Nike store.

You can get the $25 discount off select Nike sneakers or the $50 off select shoes at Target.

You may want to apply this coupon to any pair of shoes you might purchase during the holiday season, as the Walmart coupon will expire Dec. 7.

You can get a full Walmart discount on Nike sneakers here:Follow all the best deals from the holidays on Fox Sports.