What’s in a name? We’re about to find out

BAPE Shoes has officially joined the elite club of the most famous shoes on the planet, and the company’s announcement comes just a week after its shoe got its name.

BAPE’s new BAPE 3 has a “Vionic” logo, and its signature leather upper has “bape” in big letters on its sides.

The name has been on the company for decades, but its not a surprise: The word “BAPE” means “Bape” or “Bare” in Portuguese, and this logo is the only one that sounds like it comes from BAPE itself.

The brand is so close to its original name that some people have taken to calling the shoe the “V-2.”

This is all great, and while we still haven’t seen the shoes in person, the company says it will be on display in New York City later this week.

It’ll be worth checking out if you’re in NYC this week, since it’ll be the first time we’ll see the shoes at BAPE stores.

BAPPLE WATCH: What to know about Apple Watch 2, 2.0 and more article BAPPLES shoes has been around for more than 50 years.

Its first release, the BAPE 1, was a pair of skinny-cut boots that the company released in 1989, and it was an instant hit.

The shoe was a hit, and BAPE was so successful that it expanded to a range of styles.

In the 1980s, the shoe company went the way of the dodo, and after several generations of releases, the original BAPE sneakers are gone.

Bapes shoes is also the brand that helped shape the modern shoe market.

BAPS shoes was the first brand to bring back the concept of a boot, and in 2017, it won the “Best New Boot” award at the New York Fashion Week.

It is the same company that also makes the BAPPEN, BAPE and BAPPE sneakers.

Today, BAPLES is a global brand with brands like Nike, Burberry, and Converse.

BCPH stands for BAPE Plus, and if you ask me, that’s the best way to describe BAPPS shoes: It’s the same as BAPPER, but with a little more weight.

This is a very premium looking boot, but it has a lighter feel.

I have a few BAPPULLs in my closet, but this is my favorite shoe to wear.

This boot is very versatile.

Bape is known for creating footwear that can be worn anywhere, and that is why its one of the hottest shoe brands on the market.

It’s also a brand that has a very loyal fan base.

If you want to wear a BAPE shoe on your feet, you should go out and buy it, because it is one of those shoes that you’ll be able to wear for decades.