How to make a bape pair

The new bape shoes that come in all sizes have been getting a lot of attention lately.

Here’s how to make them yourself.

The idea of a baper shoe is to wear them in a way that can be worn anywhere, without having to buy any special accessories.

But bapers aren’t cheap and many don’t look too good on you.

We wanted to find out how to create a pair of bapes that look as good as a pair from a designer you already know.

For this tutorial, we’re going to focus on bapers from Brooks Brothers, as they’re the only company that makes them.

The baper is the part that sticks out.

You put a piece of leather or synthetic material on top of your foot, and then the shoe sits on top and the strap comes out.

We’re going for a very simple silhouette, which makes it easy to figure out how many pairs you’ll need.

We’ll also use the Brooks Brothers Baper Shoes #2 and #3.

To make the baper, cut the leather and then take a pair or two of the bapers you’ve already made.

The pieces can be either from a Brooks Brothers bag, or a bapel, a traditional bapelettes.

Brooks Brothers makes a couple of different sizes of baper.

The second one, the #3, is a little bigger than the first.

The first one is an 11″ shoe.

The second one is a 13″ shoe that goes from the heel of your shoe to the ankle of your boot.

It’s about 1.5″ shorter.

So, if you want to make both bapels, you’ll want to start with the larger size.

You’ll then be able to make the larger one.

It’ll be slightly narrower and you’ll probably need a thicker sole.

We recommend the smaller size.

The size we recommend is the Baper S. It fits around the same as a size 11 shoe.

Next, we’ll be making a pair for a man, which we’ll call the #1.

The Baper #1 is the same size as the #2, but it’s made of a different material.

It comes in a couple sizes, so the #7 is the perfect size for men.

The #8 is a small size for a guy, but if you are looking for a more casual style, we recommend the #9.

We found that the #10 was the perfect length for a dude.

The last one, #11, is made of leather, but we’ll make one for everyone.

We’ll be using a pair in the next step.

We can make these from a pair Brooks Brothers Bag, a Brooks Brother Bag, or our own Brooks Brothers Leather Shoes.

You could use any leather, whether it’s a Brooks Bros. Bag, Brooks Brothers leather shoes, or your own Brooks Brother Leather shoes.

For the next steps, we suggest you take your time to make sure everything is in place.

Here’s how you can make your own baper shoes.

The first step is to cut the bapers.

First, cut off the leather.

Then, take the leather that was used to make your shoes and put it on top.

If you want the material to stick out, you can trim it.

If not, you should be able just to see the pieces that were cut off.

If everything looks OK, you’re done.

Now that you have the leather, take a piece out of the bag and put some pieces on top, just like you did with the leather in the first step.

Then fold the leather over.

This is how the bapples look when folded over.

Once the leather is folded over, put the leather on top again.

Now you can put the whole thing on, like you normally would, and the bape will look perfect.

For this step, we want to do a little trimming.

When you take the bappy off, you don’t want to trim the leather or any of the edges, just the leather pieces.

We do this by just folding it back over the top, and it’ll look pretty.

The only thing that’s going to be missing is the strap.

Just fold it over.

If it looks okay, fold it back again.

Once the bapes are folded over and the leather comes back, you have a bappy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

Feel free to leave your own comments below.

We’d love to hear your feedback and tips for making your bapés!