How to repair your shoes

How to fix your shoes?

If you are having problems with your shoes, this article can help.

Here are the steps to get your shoes in working order and ready to wear again.


Remove shoes from shoes shelf.

To remove your shoes from your shoe shelf, open your shoe box and remove your shoe(s) from the shelf.

The shoes should be placed on a towel to prevent further damage.

If shoes are attached to the shelf with a cord, you can remove the cord from the shoes and lay them on a clean, dry surface to remove any potential stain or debris.


Apply Vaseline.

The best way to remove stains and debris from your shoes is to apply Vaseline to the area around the shoe(es) and the area of the shoe.

If you do not have a good method of applying Vaseline, try a water-based product.


Wash your shoes.

Do not let your shoes soak or dry on a hot, wet day.

Wash the shoes on a dry, clean surface, such as a dry cloth.

If there are any stains on the shoe, place them on the dry, dry cloth and wipe off any excess Vaseline or water.


Repeat steps 3-4 for all shoes.

If your shoes do not fit anymore, the first thing to do is to replace them.

Do this at the store and then with your favorite shoe store.


Shoe repair.

You can try to repair a cracked or worn-out shoe by replacing it with a new one.

If the shoe is in a damaged condition, you should contact your local shoe store and ask for a replacement shoe.

Some shoe stores do not offer this service.



You should resole your shoes if they have been worn out.

Some shoes have a special “resole” that can help restore the shoe to its former condition.

For more information on shoe repair, see our shoe repair section.