Converse’s ‘Fila’ shoes will go on sale at Rockport’s shoe warehouse

In a first for Converse, the company will open a new shoe warehouse in Rockport, and a Converse shoe distributor will start selling the shoes in a store next door.

The Rockport warehouse is owned by the Converse UK arm, which will have an official opening date of December 6.

At a preview event on Monday night, Rockport Mayor Mark Kelly said the store would allow Converse to expand its retail footprint in the area, and also allow the brand to better engage local people.

“We know it’s going to be a big deal for our community and the people in the community,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of great people here, we know they’re going to want to go there and buy some Converse shoes.”

So we’re looking forward to that opening and we’re hoping the retail footprint will really be expanded.”‘

We are excited to partner with Converse’The store opens in the same building where the Conveys flagship store, the Rockport Centre, is located.

The Rock Port centre has been used for a number of years as a retail venue for Convey brands, including Fila, Fila XL and the Convenys latest line of shoes.

The retail space was designed to cater to Converse customers who have been wanting to shop at a larger size and feel more comfortable, Mr Kelly said.”

It’s a space that has been a staple of the Rock Port community for years,” he told the ABC.”

And I think that with the launch of this store it really sets the platform for a new era of Converse in the Rock Ports community.

“The Rock Ports new Converse store will be open between January 1 and March 1, with a small opening on the opening day on March 2.

The announcement comes just days after Converse confirmed it would be opening an official store in Rock Port.

The store is set to open to the public on December 6 and is expected to have the capacity to handle up to 2,000 customers.”

Rockport is a great city for Conveyors and we look forward to seeing our Converse brand expand in the city,” Converse Store manager, Sarah Wylie, said.

Ms Wylia said Converse had been working with Rockport for the last 12 months to get the store up and running.”

With the opening of our store, we are excited for all of the exciting things we are working towards with Rock Port and for the community in general,” she said.

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