What LeBron will wear to the Finals? Here’s his shoe collection

LEBRON LOCKER ROOM  (Image: NBAE/AP)When LeBron James returned to Cleveland, he had a new wardrobe.

The Cavs were not only the defending NBA champion, they had been to the finals in each of their four previous trips to the playoffs.

James was also the best player in the world.

So what did the Cavaliers have in store for him this time around?

The answer is… lebrons shoes.

The shoe is a hit with James, and with the LeBron 2 shoes, he was able to give fans something to look forward to.

So, how does the LeBron 1 look?

This time around, James wore a black leather-colored Lebron 1 and a white Nike Air Zoom.

That’s a bold move by James.

The white Nike sneakers have a similar look to LeBron’s previous shoes.

While the shoes are designed to resemble the Lebrons sneakers, they also look more like basketballs, making them a little more comfortable for basketballs.

LeBron James in his Cavs’ white Nike sneaker.

(Image: LeBron James/NBAE via Getty Images)LeBron has worn a white and black Nike Air Jordan 1 in the past.

(Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)He also sported a black pair of Nike Air Jordans, which are black-and-white versions of his previous Jordan sneakers.

These shoes are pretty comfortable, too. 

LeBron’s sneakers look a lot more like Kobe Bryant’s Kobe 1 sneakers than his Nike Air 3s.

That was a bold decision by James to change up the look of his footwear. 

The shoes look just like Bryant’s shoes, but they are more casual, more casual-looking.

LeBron and his Lakers teammates Kobe Bryant, right, and Pau Gasol, center, pose for a photo in October, 2012.

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)It’s clear that the Kobe 1 shoes are the most popular of the new Kobe 1s.

Kobe’s sneakers are the go-to sneaker for everyone who likes to look good.

Kobe wore them during his famous “Kobe vs. The Clippers” game at Staples Center, and his sneakers were on sale for $120,000 on eBay.

Lebron James, left, and Kobe Bryant pose for pictures at the Staples Center game on April 12, 2017.

(NBAE/Getty)Lebons new sneaker is still a very popular shoe in the league, and fans have been buying them, but it is hard to see how much the sneakers have sold since the game.

The Nike LeBron 1 sneakers are still selling for more than $150,000, according to Nike.

The shoes have also been on sale on Amazon, and are now listed at $299.99 on Amazon. 

A lot of fans are still looking to buy the new LeBron 1s, and the shoe is on sale at Nike’s website for a very good price.

LeBron James in the new Nike LeBron shoes.

(Credit: Nike)LeBon James has worn the same black and white Nike LeBron 2 sneakers in the previous four NBA Finals games.

He has also worn the white Nike Jordan 1s in the same games.

If the Nike LeBron 3s were available, I think LeBron would wear the black ones, but he has worn them in other games.

The new Nike Air LeBron 2 sneaker and black and gold Nike Air 1s are currently on sale, and can be purchased for as much as $150 on Amazon and $199.99 at Nike.