How to run your own barefoot running shoes

Posted October 04, 2018 12:31:56 Running shoes, in the form of shoes or flats, have been around for a while now, but have never been so widely embraced.

But as the technology and style continues to improve, running shoes will soon be far less necessary for most people, thanks to new running-specific products like the Saucony Running Socks, which are the first running shoes with a “smart” sole that can detect how you’re walking and adjust the shoe accordingly.

Now, Sauconys is introducing its own smartsole, the Sock 2, which will be the first to support a smartsole on an actual shoe.

The new Sock, which is due out in October, comes in two sizes: an 8.5mm (0.25 inch) version and a 9mm (1.2 inch) model.

Unlike most shoes, the 8.25mm (5/8 inch) Sock does not have a heel pad, and is designed to run in an arch-like shape.

Instead, it’s built to deliver more grip than any shoe in its class.

The sole of the 8mm Sock is designed with a small groove that can be angled for a better grip, and it also features a spring-like cushion that provides support without creating a cushion that will wear out.

The 9mm Socks feature a large rubber-like sole and are made from a synthetic blend that is made from recycled rubber.

It has a unique shape and has been designed with comfort in mind, and the 9mm sole is designed for a slightly wider arch than the 8-mm SOCK, with a wider toe box and slightly more of an arch than a regular 9mm.

The 9mm shoe has a narrower toe box, with less cushion than the standard 9mm, and has a larger cushioning layer to keep the foot on the ground.

It’s not just the size of the sole that matters.

A smartsole can be adjusted to fit your foot for a specific run style, and in addition, it can track how you run, to provide a running shoe that can help you improve your running technique.

The 8.75mm Socking has a smartlever that can track the distance you run with a single tap, while the 9.25 mm Sock has a push-button switch that can adjust the size and placement of the toe box.

Finally, there’s the comfort factor.

The Sock features a removable upper that can sit on your foot, so you can wear it while running, or you can run it without a shoe, or both.

The new 9mm version also includes a breathable mesh lining, which means that it will keep you cool while running without sweat, and if you have a lot of sweat on your feet, the lining will help prevent the sweat from getting into your shoes.

The Sauconya Running Sock will be available on August 17 for $109.99, and will be shipping to select retailers in October.