“I’ll be here forever” for Birkenstock: A new shoe for Birkens

Birkenstocking.com — a site that offers the latest Birkenstocks and Birken stock products — recently announced that it will begin selling a new shoe that Birkenstrap CEO Brian Birken will be wearing for the rest of his life.

The shoes are being made from Birken’s signature suede.

The shoe will be called the Birken-Lion and will be available for purchase beginning Jan. 1.

The Birkenstraps brand is renowned for producing high-end shoes that are made with the finest materials.

They’ve been a big player in the shoe business for years, especially since the Birkens began selling Birkenstuff, an alternative to the traditional shoe manufacturing process.

Since then, Birkenstrans shoes have gone through a series of releases including the Birkken-Pepsi, Birkens-Papa, and now the Birks-Lions.

Birken and Birkens are known for making shoes with a wide variety of materials and styles.

The new shoe will feature the new Birken Leather and Birkkens leather lining, which will help the shoe retain its strength over time, said Birken.

The leather will be used to make the upper, which is a special blend of leathers that is unique to the Birknens.

The upper will be woven from the finest cotton, and will also be made from 100 percent American-grown cotton.

The brand said the leather will last through a lifetime of wear and will not fade.

The shoes will cost $299, but will be priced at $329 for women.

For men, Birkens shoes will be $350 and for women, $325.

The shoe will come with a leather belt, which can be worn around the neck or at the ankle.

Birkens is working on a custom leather belt that will be made specifically for the shoes.