When you can’t go barefoot, why not try Jesus shoes?

If you’re a fan of minimalist footwear, you might have noticed that Jesus Shoes has been selling them in stores in the US.

The company says it’s been “a leader in footwear innovation” for over 20 years and claims that they “offer the ultimate in comfort and durability.”

The shoes were first released in 2008 and they’re now available in a range of styles, including casual, casual, and casual high.

But, in an interview with Wired, founder Stacy Adams told the site that Jesus has also “developed a brand of shoes for individuals and families who may be more introverted or need extra protection from the elements.”

These shoes feature a mesh lining and a polyurethane sole that is “made from natural rubber,” which can be worn on its own or wrapped around your feet to keep your feet warm.

Jesus Shoes also has a range for children, including a “super lightweight” version for kids ages 2 to 5 that is made from a “minimalistic” blend of nylon and elastane.