Adidas announces its first men’s basketball shoes for the 2016-17 season

Adidas, the sports apparel company that was sold to Nike in 2007, is to unveil a new line of men’s shoes at the 2016 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Adidas said the shoes will be sold exclusively in Japan, where it is competing for the Olympics with Nike.

The new shoes will launch in December at retail in Japan and China.

Adesco will sell the shoes through the Adidas Originals e-commerce platform and in select markets such as Europe, South America and Australia.

Advertisers will have access to exclusive marketing content via the platform, and will be able to purchase products at the retailer and online.

Adesco said it will continue to make global distribution available through other channels.

The new men’s shoe range will include three types of sneakers, a “barefoot” version and a “footed” version.

The shoe range is the first time Adidas has introduced a men’s sports shoe range.

The company has previously released a men with a running sole for the 2015 Tokyo Olympics and a men in black and white shoe for the 2010 London Olympics.