Watch The Most Dressed Women at Dior’s Summer Sale

The Dior Spring/Summer 2017 Fall/Winter 2016 Collection is coming soon.

With its collection of stylishly styled footwear, dior is taking advantage of a new trend for the summer season: sexy footwear.

The company has been adding sexy pieces to its Fall/winter 2016 line, and the latest trend is the new black dior shoe.

The new black Dior shoe is a black black dyer with a metallic finish.

The black dyers were originally released in the Fall/ Winter 2016 Collection, and they are also being released this fall in the Spring/ Summer 2016 Collection.

In addition to the new dyer, the Fall 2016 Collection includes the new colorways of the new Dior Black and Dior Blue.

For this collection, diors are being available in three colorways: black, black, and blue.

Dior is releasing a black and white colorway as well.

The spring/summer 2016 collection includes the Dior Classic Collection, Dior Gold Collection, Dolce & Gabbana Dior Collection, Doré Dior Dior, and D&G.

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