#Ballys shoes have their ‘Bally’ logo on them for the next couple of years

The Ballys are a family owned footwear company based in Ballymun, Co. Cork.

The brand has a long history in Ireland and has been producing footwear since the late 1800s.

The company started out selling shoes made by the British shoe company, Thomas Wigmore, which was sold to American company, John Deere in 1874.

In the following decades, the company expanded to include shoes made in the United States, France and Germany.

In the 1950s, the Bally brand went national, and the company has been in business ever since.

Today, the brand owns more than 80 brands in Ireland, France, Germany and England.

Bally’s website lists the following companies that manufacture the Bic shoe range: Bally, Cusac, Fendi, Lidl, Puma, Sams, Schott, Tresor, Zara and Zara.