This guy bought a new pair of high top shoes in Japan for his daughter but was upset to find out they were blowfish flats instead

A man in Japan has decided to spend $600 on new high top footwear, but instead of a pair of shoes, he found himself with a pair he was unable to wear because of the new high heels.

After visiting a Japanese online store where he bought two pairs of high heels, he noticed the pair of blowfish heels had been replaced with flats instead of shoes.

The pair cost around $900.

After getting the shoes, the man posted a video on social media in which he describes the experience on YouTube:He wrote:”I ordered two pairs for my daughter, I asked her if she wanted to wear them, and she said yes, but the other pair was a flat pair, so it wasn’t possible to wear the flats.

So I went to the shop, I tried to buy them, they said they were not available, but I could buy them in the store, but it was closed.

So, I went back and I asked if they were available, they told me no.

I went home and I was really disappointed.””

I just couldn’t bear to wear my flat shoes and wear them on the beach.”

He later told the Japanese outlet Nikkei that he decided to go back to the online shop and see if he could buy the flats, and ended up buying the pair.

He said he was shocked when he discovered they were flat, so he spent another $300 on them and posted the video of the experience.

The shoes have been available in Japan since March 2018, and now his daughter is getting a pair, although it will cost around another $600.