How to get rid of the #NeverTrump hashtag from your Twitter timeline

A new hashtag called #NeverTrumps is gaining steam on Twitter, gaining more than 1 million followers in the last week.

The trend has also gained traction on Facebook, where it has attracted more than 10 million users.

Some are using it to share memes and jokes about the GOP presidential candidates.

The hashtag is gaining traction on Twitter.

The social network is now a big player in the race to take down Trump, with Twitter’s own algorithms identifying accounts that use the hashtag to mock Trump.

Trump has long used Twitter to criticize Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Twitter said in a statement that the #NotMyPresident hashtag has gained traction over the past week, as it has since it first started circulating in late March.

It added that it’s working to improve its algorithms to help identify the origin of the hashtag.

“We’re working to identify those who are using the hashtag in ways that we can remove the trend, remove it, or remove it from our platform,” the company said.

But a lot of people are using #NeverThatsTrump to mock the Republican candidate.

“Trump supporters and Trump supporters are using this hashtag, which I find very disturbing,” one person wrote in a comment on Twitter last week on the trend.

“I have been using this tag since the election.

This hashtag has become a vehicle for Trump supporters to call out each other, retweet each other’s content and create the impression that the media is conspiring against the Republican Party,” another user wrote.

Another user called the hashtag a “sad, sad reminder of the horrible, dangerous, and divisive election that was.”