New shoes are coming for all of us

Nursing shoes are getting a new look in the new year, as more companies are offering the footwear in all sorts of styles.

But one brand, Jordan Golf, is sticking to its roots with a pair of barefoot shoes that feature a green silhouette.

The shoes are a big deal, too.

Jordan is one of the few shoe companies that has never focused exclusively on the shoes market.

Jordan Golf says they have about 200 shoes made, so you’d expect to see plenty of them on sale in 2018.

The new shoes come in five styles: The casual black, casual white, casual red, and casual pink.

Jordan says that the casual black is the most popular, with a 15% share of the market, and the casual white the second most popular.

There are also a couple of black-and-white options in the $125-$300 range.

Jordan Golf says it has worked closely with Nike and Under Armour to create the new shoes, but no other details are available.

The company is launching the shoes at select retailers around the country on Jan. 7.

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