Watch: How to find the best shoe for your foot, body and style

Posted June 03, 2018 05:19:18 If you’re looking for the perfect shoe for all of your shoes needs, you need to go back and look at the classics, according to shoe experts at the Royal College of Foot and Ankle surgeons.

Here’s what they said to help you out.


The most important factor for choosing a shoe is the quality of construction.

“The best shoe is made by a well-built shoe factory with quality materials and the best materials,” Dr. Mike Smith, a orthopedic surgeon at the London Foot & Ankle Institute, said.

“You can’t buy the best shoes if you don’t have the right material.”


The key is getting the right fit for your feet.

“When you go to the doctor, they ask you to put your feet on the heel, and you’re probably thinking, ‘That’s the perfect foot,'” Dr. David Knezovich, a medical surgeon at The London Foot and Nail Clinic, said, adding that “the foot has to have the correct amount of space to be able to walk comfortably without pain.”


Your feet need to be “in the groove.”

“There needs to be a little bit of space between the toes, so the feet don’t slip out of the groove,” Dr, Mark Henshaw, an orthopedist at the Cleveland Clinic, explained.


You need to wear the right shoes.

“If you’re wearing a lot of shoes, then you’re going to get more pressure on your feet,” he said.


You can always ask your doctor about shoes that are suitable for you.

“Ask them if you can have some other shoe, they can put it on and give you a better fit,” Dr Smith said.


The best shoe can be found at a discount store.

“It’s a good idea to go to a discount shoe store,” he added.


When shopping, don’t expect to find all the best styles.

“They may sell the same shoe twice, or even more than once,” he advised.


You don’t want to buy too many different shoes.

The same shoe can work well for different people, Dr Knezeovich said.


Choose a shoe that’s designed to fit you, rather than trying to fit everyone.

“I always advise people to get a basic fit, a basic shoe and then try to add more and more,” he explained.


Get the right size.

“One of the most important things for a patient is how they feel when they walk and the shoe they get,” Dr Knesha Williams, a shoe expert at the British Orthopedic Society, said in a statement.

“People can feel different foot sizes.

They can feel that they have the foot that is best for them, and so if you’re trying to find a shoe, go for a shoe with the right length for the person who has a larger foot.”


It’s best to get shoes that aren’t cheap.

“There are many brands out there that will have a price that is more expensive than the average person’s price,” Dr Hensha Williams said.


You should be able get a better shoe from a store you can trust.

“For example, you’re shopping at a big discount store, and a good friend of mine at the local shoe store comes in and she’ll show you the shoe, and it’ll be a great fit,” he shared.

“But if you go on a different store, you’ll get the shoe at a higher price.”


Don’t be scared by price tags.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for a price, it can actually be very helpful,” Dr Williams said, “especially if you want a really good fit, and also if you are looking for a good quality shoe.”


Don, don, don.

“We recommend to wear a good pair of shoes,” Dr Peeves, a consultant foot and ankle surgeon at Kings College London, said on a recent episode of Foot & Nail.

“As a foot surgeon, if you wear a pair of high-quality shoes, and if you like the comfort of wearing shoes, you will wear a very high quality pair of shoe,” he concluded.


Be aware of the size of your foot.

“Some people can’t really wear a small shoe,” Dr Suggs, a foot and neck surgeon at St. Thomas’ Hospital, said when asked about the best size to wear for a person with a small foot.


Keep it simple.

“Put on a good shoe, a good sock, and that’s it,” Dr Glynn, a surgeon at King’s College London said.