‘Kuru shoe’ for boys to help them stand out in school

Boys are looking for new ways to stand out at school, with boys and girls looking to try out new shoes to make sure they can make their mark in a competitive environment.

The boys, who tend to be a bit shy and reserved, may be tempted by new boys’ style of shoes, like Kuru shoes, which are made by Kuru, a Japanese footwear company.

“It’s not a brand name that is going to be recognized by the public, but if a boy looks at Kuru he will see a product that is comfortable, durable, lightweight and stylish,” said Dr Gopal Singh, president of the All India Men’s Association (AIMA), which is helping organise the first Kuru shoe event at the Delhi Public School in central Delhi.

The event will be held on Thursday and Friday.

Kuru shoes are available in the market and at the retail stores in Delhi.

The Delhi school will host the event with the participation of teachers, teachers’ parents, and the principal of the school.

“We will be using this event as a catalyst for the school to take action and promote boys’ education,” said Preeti Khanna, chief operating officer, Kuru.

The school, which is located in the busy Khandwa area of the capital, has about 200 pupils and teachers.

The school is set to be one of the first in the country to offer the shoes to boys and is the first private school in the capital to offer Kuru’s Kuru sneakers.

The Kuru Kuru footwear, which costs Rs 50, is made of leather, leather-like fabric and polyurethane.

The shoes are made of a combination of polyurethan, synthetic and water-repellent materials.

The trainers and socks are made from a mix of nylon and nylon/spandex.

Kurus shoes are comfortable and durable, with the trainers and sock being of the same weight.

The leather is made from the skin of the cow, and is soft and lightweight.

It is made by pressing the leather in a machine, which gives the leather its texture.

The material is also used to make the Kuru socks.

The materials used for the socks are sourced from animals like sheep, goats, goatskins, buffalo, cows, sheep, bovine and pigs.

The shoes also feature leather-based material on the sole.

The footwear is made with materials like the polyuretha, nylon and spandex that is sourced from the same animal.

It takes about 2,000 litres of polystyrene, about 3,000 liters of nylon, and 15,000 kg of polypropylene to make Kuru and Kuru-based sneakers.

“The materials are all recycled and reused,” Khanna said.

“We have developed a new product to be used by boys.

It will help them learn to be confident and look good, which they will then have to do at school,” Singh added.