‘Hiking shoes’ from a British adventurer

Shoes for hiking?

That’s what these British adventurers have for sale.

They’re not just for the cold.

They are also for the thrill of adventure.

BBC Sport travels to the UK to find out more about their latest creations.

Sewn shoes from an American fisherman Hiking boots are an old British tradition.

“The fisherman used to come here from the coast of New England and go to the sea and put his shoes on and swim in them,” said Michael Haggerty, a fisherman from Gloucestershire.

“They were the same as shoes, but he could put them on and go down in the sea, or up into the trees.

It was really quite unusual.

It wasn’t the same thing as the traditional boots, which were the traditional ones that you wore.”

Haggerty said the fisherman also bought shoes from people in Australia and Canada, and sold them at fairs.

When he started selling the footwear, he also had a few ideas about how to make them more functional.

He thought about using the shoe as a hat.

“We could just put on the shoe, and put a piece of wood on it and you could hang it over the end of the shoelace,” he said.

“I said, ‘That would be very effective, it would just be a hat.'”

The idea came about that you would take the shoestring and tie it in with some string, then you could pull it out and tie something around the outside of the shoe.

You could put a strap around it.

The fisherman, who has no formal training, said he took his ideas to the man he calls his uncle, a man named John.

John said he thought they were good ideas.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody do that before, and I said, you know, why not?”

I was like, well, we could use the shoe for this, because I could put it in a bag, I could tie it around the side of a boat or something.

“And I thought, why wouldn’t we do it?”

And so we did it and we were quite successful.

“In the 1990s, John bought two pairs of shoes from a guy in the North Sea, and they quickly sold out.”

We’ve got a boat, and he was looking for the cheapest pair, and the cheapest one he could find was $1.50 a pair,” Haggerties dad said.

So he started to look into the shoeless shoes market.”

There’s only been about five or six people that have actually been able to buy it, and we’ve done quite a bit of work to try and bring it up to a certain standard,” he explained.”

The first time we got it was when we bought two boots in the mid-1990s.

“Two years later, they went from about $1 to $20 a pair.

It went up to $50 now.”

Haggingty said he bought the boots for his son, a former adventurer, and had them fitted with waterproof shoes.

“He likes them because he’s very versatile and I like them because they’re comfortable and they’re a good quality shoe,” he laughed.

“But he’s also very tall so he likes them a bit bigger than he normally would, so I’ve made them a little bit wider.”

The shoes are made from a mix of leather, synthetic fibres and other materials, with leather lining and a strap at the foot.

Haggery said the boots also come with a built-in GPS system, which allows him to track his son’s progress.

“You can have the GPS on a smartwatch, you can track your son’s movements on your phone,” he added.

But he said his son was not the only person who enjoyed the shoes.

“‘Kay, these are really great!’ said one of the other boys,” Hagan said.

“And then they all said, they can wear them with a pair of shorts.”

“So they were quite popular for him,” he continued.

“It’s not like it’s going to get them in trouble, it’s just the fun thing about them, that’s the thing about it.”

The boys’ enthusiasm was rewarded.

The pair sold out within weeks.

Once he had sold out, Haggerts son took the boots back to the North East and bought another pair of boots.

After that, Hagan started to take more interest in the shoe industry, and eventually started a shoe shop called Tilly’s Shoes, in Gloucesterhire.

Nowadays, the business is based in the UK and sells a range of shoes.

The boys now have more than a dozen pairs of boots on their shelves, and are also selling a few of their own designs.

They also sell a range from boots made of leather and other fabrics.

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