Jordan’s ‘Puma’ Golf Shoes Now Available in New Versace Footwear Styles

Versace has teamed up with the world famous footwear company to bring the world’s best footwear styles to the popular luxury brand’s most-searched-for colorways.

The new Jordan “Puma” Golf Shoes, which have been dubbed the world´s most sought after shoe collection, are now available in a wide range of Versace® colors, including brown, light gray, red and black.

Available in the popular Versace shoe line, the Jordan “Slim” (Puma) and “Pinnacle” (Slim) have been the top-selling shoes on the US retail market since December 2015, according to the company.

Jordan “Jordan” “Pinstripe” (red) and Jordan “Mountain” (black) are now in the Versace “Versace” line of shoes.

The “Solo” (brown) is the most popular shoes, and the “Classic” (light gray) is currently available for purchase in limited numbers.

Versace Jordan “Versa” (green) and the new “Versaslim” “Verseslim” are currently available in limited quantities for $140 USD each.

Available now are the new Versace Prestige (black), “Versaclim” Prestige ($170), and “Versastri” Prestigo ($180).

Jordan’s “Pepsi” and “Quaker” (grey) shoes are also in the line.

Versa (green), “Sip” (blue), and the $190 “Versar” Presto ($300) are available in the “Versalite” line, and will also be available in select retail outlets starting on January 31, 2017.

Jordan has also introduced a line of accessories, including “Versy” (white), which is available for $180 USD in the new Jordan Brand Jordan Versa shoe.

Available January 10, 2017, are the Versaclim Prestige and “Nubian” Prestigios ($100), a “Jordan Jordan” (Black), and a “Jordans Versa” Presti (white).

Versa’s new “Verbalize” (orange) is now available for retail.

Available on January 10 are the $130 “Versamid” Presties, $180 “Versagreens” Presticks, and $200 “Versislim” Pricewatches, which are available only at select retail locations.

“The Jordan Jordan Jordan “Verma” is available now,” said Versace’s chief creative officer, Paul DeBartolo.

“This collection is our most anticipated, most-loved and most sought-after product to date.

It represents the best of Versa, the world-class craftsmanship, and exceptional execution, and we are excited to bring it to a wider audience.

It will continue to be one of our top sellers, and it will become a global brand name.

We have made a huge investment in our retail presence, and this launch will bring more than 100 million pairs of Jordan shoes to our customers.” 

Prestige and Prestige Plus are the most-sold shoes in the U.S. since December 2014, according the company, with over 3.6 million pairs sold worldwide. 

Versace said the new collection will be available from January 10.