Donald Trump’s first footwear purchase: Brooks Running Shoes

Donald Trump has a big shoe to sell.

The Republican presidential candidate’s first shoe purchase was a pair of Brooks Running shoes.

Brooks, which was acquired by Trump for $4.7 billion, has been praised by the GOP nominee for the durability and performance it delivers on the track.

It also is a huge deal for the Trump brand, which has a history of making shoes that sell well for Trump, and which Trump used as a primary logo in his campaign commercials.

Trump had been in the running for the role of “Mr. Runners Shoes” for a few years.

The former reality TV star had previously said he wanted to buy his first pair of running shoes from Brooks.

The purchase comes after the president-elect took the time to get in touch with Brooks owner Kevin Spacey for advice about his future.

The shoes were purchased on Wednesday, two days before Trump is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for the New York City Red Cross at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Brooke has been criticized for not releasing details of what the shoes will look like, and Trump has yet to make a decision on the brand.

Trump is scheduled on Friday to unveil a list of charities he plans to support.

The president-trumps foundation is the only one that has not yet been confirmed.