The Boy Who Couldn’t Be Pregnant is the perfect ‘Toy Story’ sequel

After a lackluster 2015, Disney is poised to once again return to the franchise with The Boy We Shouldn’t Have, starring Jack Black as Jack Black, the father of the young boy who is not named Jack.

The film will mark a return to some familiar ground for the Mouse House, as the studio has always been a big fan of the animated film.

The latest iteration of the franchise was the first to have a woman lead the cast, and Disney has a long history of doing both with films like Toy Story 3 and the forthcoming film, The Jungle Book 2.

With The Boy and The Dog, Disney has also proven its ability to adapt beloved characters to the big screen.

Jack Black’s Jack and his canine sidekick, Teddy, are featured prominently in both The Jungle Adventures and the original Toy Story, as well as in the recent film The Jungle Cruise.

With the first two films, Disney also brought back some familiar faces for the new film.

Director Joe Dante will also be directing the film, and the movie will star Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Gosling.

It will be produced by The Weinstein Company, and it will debut in theaters on April 23, 2019.