A man’s shoes are not meant to be worn for men

A man in Mumbai is complaining about the quality of his shoes after his shoes were deemed too “worn” by the designer.

On March 6, a friend of a friend in Mumbai asked Shari-Sama Shah, founder and CEO of Oasis, if he wanted to buy a pair of shoes for his friend.

Shah responded with a tweet saying that her shoes are made for men and she could not sell them for less than Rs 500.

“I want to buy the shoes,” she tweeted.

The friend was in a hurry to go to the store.

So she sent her friend a message on WhatsApp.

“They were bought at Rs 500,” she wrote.

The friend then asked if she could buy the same for her friend.

“The price of Rs 500 is Rs 3,000,” she responded.

After this, Shah started to make a lot of noise.

“How can a woman buy shoes at Rs 3.00 for a man?” she said.

She said that it was not a woman’s choice, but a man’s.

Shah also said that she was not selling shoes for women.

She was selling them at Rs 5,000, the company told The Hindu.

Oasis did not respond to The Hindu’s questions about Shah’s tweets.

Shari-sama Shah’s shoes, which have a price tag of Rs 5 lakh, were made by Oasis.

But she was told that her product was not available in the country because of its “very limited availability” on the internet.

The company said it was a “manufacturer-supplier issue” and said that Shah was wrong in the tweet.

Shah has since clarified that her company was selling shoes that were made for women and men.