Peloton shoes: Weighs 9.5K and comes in 10 colors

Weighing 9.55K, the Peloton Shoes 9.25K, which is made by Adidas and sold by Peloton, are the heaviest of the sneakers that have been launched since Peloton introduced its original lightweight footwear to the market. 

The shoes, which weigh 9.75K and come in 10 color options, are powered by the new lightweight technology of the Nike Zoom Flyknit technology, which was developed by the Japanese brand in collaboration with Peloton. 

“The Nike Zoom® Flyknit fabric is woven by the world’s most innovative textile company, Peloton®, which has achieved high levels of durability and performance in an ever-increasing range of textile technologies, making it the first-ever lightweight material that will withstand the test of time,” the company said in a statement.

“Peloton’s new lightweight Flyknit material will not only provide exceptional comfort and durability, but also improve the way in which our athletes move, and is a more natural and effective fit for the athlete.”

According to the company, the new Flyknit materials provide a more streamlined fit for every athlete, and also increase the ability of the shoes to absorb shock during high-intensity, high-impact events. 

A Nike spokesperson said in an email to ABC News that the Zoom Flyy fabric is made of polyester that is designed to withstand the forces of high-speed running.

“The Flyknit fabrics are a first of its kind in footwear, offering a lighter, more comfortable, and more versatile platform that offers an even more efficient, flexible platform for running,” the spokesperson said.

The shoes are available in 10 different colors, with the most popular color being the blue.

The shoes will be available on April 23.