How to get an email notification for new Bitcoin transactions

New Bitcoin transactions are not as easy to send as those from traditional banks.

And if you can’t get in touch with your bank to get the notification, there is no way to get them to notify you.

A new initiative called Bitpay is bringing the technology to the payment processing world.

The Bitpay team says its an open source protocol that allows businesses and individuals to pay each other with Bitcoins.

Bitpay has also set up a wallet service that allows anyone to send and receive Bitcoins for free.

“When we started our work with the Bitpay wallet, we wanted to provide the same services as a bank, but in a completely decentralized and open way,” says Bitpay’s chief technology officer Adam Langley.

“The BitPay team is constantly working to improve the service, and today we are proud to announce that we have just launched our first Bitcoin debit card.”

The Bit-Pay debit card will allow customers to pay one another with Bitcoin.

This is a feature not seen in any other bank.

BitPay says it plans to extend the card to other banks and credit unions in the coming weeks.

The new card will be offered by banks and will allow merchants to accept and pay with Bitcoin as a payment method.

This new debit card, however, won’t be available for immediate use.

“We’re working on bringing BitPay to more banks as soon as we can, and we will soon be offering a debit card that will allow the Bitcoin community to get involved and pay each others with Bitcoin,” Langley says.

Bitpay will continue to offer the new debit cards in the near future.

Langley promises to roll out the new Bitpay debit card as soon it is available.