The D’Addario family, whose son Marcel was a World War II soldier in the US Navy, is among those who will receive the shoes on behalf of a young woman who recently donated a pair of them to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The shoes were given to a woman in her early 40s at the request of a relative who lives in California.

In the shoe, Marcel’s initials are stamped into the heel, along with a message to his wife, who has a long history with the D’ Addario family.

She also had to be identified.

She will wear the shoes in person on Jan. 20 when the Daddies are honored with a ceremony at the U:H.

Museum of Military History in New York City.

Marcel’s sister, Sophie, will wear a pair on Jan 10.

“The shoe is a gift from Marcel and Sophie to them.

She wanted to share the moment with all of us,” said a spokesperson for the DADDIES.

“She wanted to do this for everyone.”

The Daddias are in the process of donating the shoes to the VA to honor the service of their son and his family.

“These shoes are a reminder of the sacrifices our families made during World War 2 and we will continue to use the Dadio family’s name to honor their service,” said U.K. Minister for Veterans Affairs, Sir Peter Fahy, in a statement.

The Dads are among those on the U-H Museum’s board of trustees who will attend the event.

The event was organized by a foundation called the Robert F. Kennedy Institute of the Kennedy School of Government.

The foundation is dedicated to the future of U.N. peacekeeping operations.

“With these shoes, we are taking another step toward building a new generation of leaders, veterans, and military personnel who will bring dignity and respect to our country’s warfighters and those serving overseas,” Fahy said in a press release.

The group is also sponsoring a charity auction of the shoes, which will go to a nonprofit in Italy.

“I can’t believe we have such a great time selling these shoes to people in Italy, a country we have never been to before,” said Sophie D’Adamo, who also will wear Marcel’s shoes in the UH.

“They are beautiful, and I feel really honored.”